WTS 11.79M SP Pilot

Sell myself :blush:

11,799,351 SP (7.3m in Spaceship Command, ready to fly any T1 ship)

Wallet balance is positive
No kill rights
No jump clones
Security Status: 0.0
No corporation (0 history)
Character Location: Perimeter VI
Born in 2015

Bid 6.5B
Buyout 8.5B


4b bid

5B isk, best offer, expires in 24 hours

5.5b bid

With 5.5b bid, my 5b offer is withdrawn. Thank you.

My offer drops down to 5b

I cannot tell if you are price manipulating your own account or what. I’m prepared to pay 5.2 b isk for this account. Offer expires in 4 hours. It’s unclear to me whether the original seller is engaged at all.

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nah I waited till your offer experies so I can lower my bid. My bid is 5b will stand still for now

5.3b today

mkey 5.5b bid

6b, but I think we are wasting our time because the seller is dormant

sorry guys, I didn’t checked the forum since 5 or 6 days ago with 0 reply in this thread. I have transferred this character to my main account several days ago already. if I know anyone would bid for this, I won’t do that T T

5.5B offer or it is closed ?

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