WTS 11.7m SP T2 industry specialist

Misterr Maker

  • Excellently ironic name and a very handsome chap
  • Currently in NPC corp and in Jita
  • No jump clones
  • 2 Bonus Revamps available
  • No kill rights
  • Positive sec status
  • Positive ISK
  • 13 extractors possible

Need ISK so buyout set to 7b, offers starting at 5b please.

4.5b and see if we can deal?

I’d rather extract him for that, as I’m paying cash for the transfer…

Starts at 5b.,

Did I mention he’s a reactions guru? :slight_smile:

well i try 5b this time and isk on hand

5.2b? I don’t know what the minimum allowable increments are.

I don’t think there is any minimum allowable.

But please bear in mind that 7b is a bargin, and 5.2b is a steal.

Last bid by the end of my Wednesday wins. (UK Time, 9pm)

5.3Bn Offer

5.4b offer

Clock is ticking, come and get a bargain!

5.4b is still a HUGE bargain :slight_smile:

5.5b offer

5.6b offer

5.7 BIL offer

5.8b in cold hard isk

5.9 bil

30 minute countdown to a bargain! :slight_smile:

5 minutes left! Finn Miromme is about to grab a bargain!

DING! @Finn_Miromme, the price is RIGHT!

Send the ISK to Misterr Maker, in-game mail me your account name, and the transfer will initated as soon as I wake up with the ISK and info.

Thank you!

If the sale falls through, 6b.

I’ll give @Finn_Miromme until 9pm UK as courtesy.

@Nomadic_Fenrir no ISK and no account transfer info, yet. 21:01 today (UK) and I’ll let you know whether you’re getting a bargain instead.