WTS 11.7m SP T2 industry specialist

@Nomadic_Fenrir please transfer ISK to Misterr Maker and in-game mail the account name for the transfer.

As soon as funds are received I will pay for the character transfer.

6b b/o

still on sale ?

@Vinny_DaMini yep, still no funds received.

Transfer ISK to Misterr Maker, eve mail me the destination account and it’s all yours.

Sorry didn’t check forums for a while, just logged in to check the patch notes.

Did you finally get an offer to go through on this? 6.5b offer if not.

leaving for a while isk sent

isk sent hope you can transfer quickly

btw if deal is not accepted sent isk back

@Vinny_DaMini I am a person of my word.

6b accepted and character transfer is initiated. Sorry for the delay, this stupid forum doesn’t notify of interactions unless you’re watching the forum…!

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