WTS 11.9M sp combat/scanning


Looking to sell this guy. Nothing too crazy just some combat and scanning skills. Positive sec. status. Positive wallet. No kill rights. Access to level 4 missions.

Looking for 8bil/bo

I will take him for 8bil.

Ok sounds good. Send me the account name and isk In game and I’ll get him over to you.

ISK and Account name send to Shawn.
I am still biomassing a character on this account to make room, i should be able to finish the biomassing tomorrow morning and will let you know, that you can start the transfer.

Pls save your favorite Anethema fit. Im was a Cheeta guy till now, so i wanna see, whats possible.

Ok sounds good.

Biomassing is done, you can now start the transfer

OK, transfer has started, thank you.

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