WTS 11.9m SP scanner pilot

Positive Wallet Balance at the time of sale.

This character has no kill rights.

Clone 1 - Full set of +5 learning implants. (500mil)
Clone 2 - (Jita) Mid-grade virtue + AQ-706, AR-806, RF Command Link (1.7b)
Clone 3 - (Amarr) - Geno 1&2 Willpower/Memory +4, WS-610, EM 703 (220m)

Located at Jita 4-4

Pilot can fly Anathema with near perfect scanning skills and good navigation skills. Also has cyber 5, all other skills have been extracted.
Also has various skillbooks injected including Min/Gal Carrier and fighter skills.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kelra_Davaham (pw = 123)

Price is negotiable as a dedicated scanner toon (not skill extraction price) Please also consider the 2b+ in implants.

As per the rules I’ll pay the transfer cost to CCP.


6bil offer

I appreciate the bid, I’ll bear it in mind.

Daily bump now. I’m looking for more than 6b if there are better offers out there.

7bil :wink:

If you can come up to 8b then we can do the transfer today.

Only thing of value extra you’re suppose to include in the price are skins/Guidelines on the bazaar. you should sell for the 7 no one else is going to buy it for that. 4.5B I offer. that’s 25% above extractor price.

Thanks for the bump but I suggest reading the guidelines again.

only skills, implants, SKINs, and reputation

@Kelra_Davaham I’d like to purchase character for 8 Bill isk.
Please let me know how to proceed.

Send ISK to Kelra Davaham in game. Message me here when it’s sent and I’ll begin the transfer

ISK Sent

Received, can you let me know the account name to receive the character?

Jennah Cage

“Receive character” means get information about how to login as char, right?
not overwriting the “Jennah Cage” character

Yes it’s the account username, you can send it as an evemail to the character

Can you explain what actually happens?

  1. Will I get login credentials to login to the user account?
    OR 2. Will I get the Kelra Davaham character as an extra character in my Jennah Cage account?

If 2, I need to give you another account.
If 1, you can send email to Jennah Cage.

You send me the account name of the account you want it transferred to. It needs to have a slot free to receive it.
I’ll then pay for the transfer which will start the process on CCPs end.
We both get a confirmation email and at the end of the transfer period you log into your account as normal and you will have another character there.

So number 2 basically.

OK Thanks for clarifying! : )

The EVE Online User Account that I want to have this Kelra Davaham character is:



Jennah Cage

The existing in game character for nullcreaper user account is called Null Creaper.

In case y ou need that too.


You have chosen to transfer the character Kelra Davaham to the account named NullCreaper.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

Should take about 10 hours