Wts 114 m sp hel driver

Hey there! I am for sale, check me out

According to ccp rules, character moved to npc corp, currently located in nul sec, 2 jump clones available
no kill rights
wallet is positive

BO: 100 bil ISK

A bit over qualified fir what im looking for, will start you off at 80b

nah, 80bil is a way too low

daily bump!

85 b/o


That’s closer to what I am looking for, let me reduce BO a bit and make it 97bil!


ok I am out then o7

New BO: 95 bil


if no other offers till tomorrow, I will sell the character to you

@Reavan_Beldrulf You are a winner of this auction with 92bil bid. Feel free to send me isk and account name for transfer

Will send info and isk when I get logged in a bit

Isk and account info sent ingame

Thank you, I will initiate transfer later today, I will let you know once it is started.

Transfer started, thank you

Will update when received

Character received