WTS 114m SP Subcap MAIN 114,564,825 SP Great skills Great Skins Great Pods!

located inside an NPC space station
1 kill right on Luko Melis some smart bomber that bombed me i guess
in an NPC corporation
.1 sec status
Starting bids at 90b

Edited for unlock, kind of figured the pics had this info already? :stuck_out_tongue:
HAS FOUGHT IN Battle of B-R5RB!!! CREATED 2011!


snake pod is moved to npc station
character is located in jita!

Thread reopened.

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90b offer for 6hours

offer accepted

just woke up myself

pending response from victus or higher bid.

waiting 5 minutes for original buyer to send cash.

Transfer initiated, Sold to Jonny11b’s choice of account.