WTS 47M SP subcap PVP Character


In NPC Corp
Positive Wallet
500,000 Unallocated SP
Perfect Mach skills, Perfect Vedmark and Iki skills.
Heavy Assault Cruise lvl5
Good for pvper and ratting.

Start: 30B
BO : 45B


26b offer

27b, are you moving that mg snake pod from that wh by chance? or is it a writeoff

Minimum is 30B. I will not consider any offer under 30B. This post will end on next weekend.



bump. 3 days left

1 day left. if no one offer higher, i will then end this post.

28 Hereā€¦ :slight_smile: good for 4 Hr

35 bil BO

deal. i accept 35B. i will send you in game email in 24h to process.

send me isk and an in game email to tell me which account you want me to transfer. I will transfer in 24h.

Sending isks and email

Isks and account name have been sent. Awaiting for the character

ISK received. Character transferred. Please check and confirm.