WTS 115m SP 2008 Super/Cap/Rorq/Yada Pilot

Selling myself. Own a piece of my history: Goobenors Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Located in Jita, positive standings and wallet etc. No kill rights. Unallocated skill points etc.

Min 70b, would like to sell fast. First to offer market value gets the character & fast xfer.


retract found other Char

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Appreciate the 65b bid. going to give it a bit more

50B i can offer

Goobenor 60B

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60b is the high bid ^^. Will give it 12 hours from this post (13:46 GMT) in the hopes of getting retail. Otherwise my dude above takes it down.

I’ll accept 60b. Please send isk & account instructions. Thx!

Isk and account info sent.

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Isk received, character transferred!

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