WTS 116M SP PVP character

Sell myself
Skillpoints total 115,755,680
assigned SP 114,878,248
unassigned SP 820.731

one +5 implant set
one set of High-grade Crystal
one set of Mid-grade Virtue

Wallet balance : 0
One Kill rights : Due in 7 days
Jump clones :in highsec spac
Character location : oimmo 5-1

Bidding Starts:80B

68 bil

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Highest Bid 68B
If no higher bids in the next 2 days arrive, it is yours

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68.1B ready to pay now

69b offer

70 bil

Highest Bid 70B
Highest Bid Tangarchik Ru

If no higher bids in the next 1 days arrive, it is yours.


72B Offer

Doesn’t it take 7 days to go through all the proper check-ups for a character?

Sorry bor,the first time I sold my account, I didn’t see the trading rules clearly.
The fee has been paid, please wait patiently for 10 hours.

Sold to Kingdra for 72B

I send you an ingame Mail

ISK paid and account confirmed in game

ISK received :white_check_mark:
Character Transfer started :white_check_mark:
Character Transfer payed :white_check_mark:

Estimated End of Transfer 14-Dec-2022 2:27(UTC+8)