Wts 11msp prospect toon. Caldari cruiser 5

(Ling LingPandaChong) #1


Looking for 10b obo. All ccp rules apply. Post here. If you send me an eve mail it will be ignored

(228 Ichosira) #2

7b isk ready

(Gary Bell) #3

7.5 Bil

(228 Ichosira) #4

8 bills

(Ling LingPandaChong) #5

Will let this go until tonight and if I have no more offers. @228_Ichosira will be the winner

(Popo big) #6

8.2 here

(228 Ichosira) #7


(Gary Bell) #8

8.5 Online now

(Ling LingPandaChong) #9

Sold to Gary. Send me the info needed and the isk please

(Gary Bell) #10

Isk and Mail with account info sent to Ling. Thanks

(Ling LingPandaChong) #11

Sounds good. I will try and process everything on my lunch break today. If not when I’m home from work. Thanks

(system) #12

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