WTS 12,1 million SP Gallente / Mini BS Pilot (or 14 extracts)

Selling this toon. I just returned to playing EVE after a few years away (got married, had a kid, new career, etc, etc) and for some reason have 5 accounts including one with this toon. I have no idea why I bought this guy or what he is good for. Make me some offers.

Please check skill board for ships that toon can pilot, as well as skills related to the operation of said ships.

For fastest reply, contact me via Discord OneNeptune#5763 – obviously you can IG message me as well.


Wallet balance.
No negative balance, toon will be transferred with an empty wallet.

Kill rights
No kill rights on pilot.

Jump clones
Clone located in Dodixie VIII - Moon 3 - Nugoeihuvi Corporation Development Studio
No Implants Installed

Clone located in Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Business Tribunal Bureau Offices
No Implants Installed

Clone located in Jita VII - Moon 2 - Caldari Business Tribunal Law School
No Implants Installed

Character location
In a station, specifically Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

CCP Rules, etc, etc.



buy it now for 8bil ISK


Isk and info sent in game

Thank you!

transfer pending

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