WTS 12.4 Hulk Miner 9bil


Is currently in noob corp (despite eveskillboard - it’s just lagging)
0 Kill Rights either way
In Jita
Positive Wallet
Transfer with Cash (10 hour cooldown instead of days)
9 Billion ISK price
Lower bids will simply give me a bump and will be declined

delighted to offer 8 bil------ RETRACTED

Delighted to say your offer is like your name - non existent. :wink: Thank you for the bump.

LOL easy there buddy.

with all these offers you have …you dont need mine…RETRACTED

Delighted to give you another free bump

6 bil!!

ill give you 9 bill. let me know and ill send isk

9.5 b

Willya I will take 9.5 - send isk and account name and I will transfer within 12 hours (going to sleep now).

Account info and 9.5 billion sent

Character sent. Thank you for your business.

Ccp character transfer email received, transfer initiated.

Thank you for a seamless transaction!

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