WTS - 12.5m SP FW/Bomber/VNI Alt


I am selling myself

Implants - Full set of +3’s, CPU 3%, Missile Velocity 3%, Missile Precision 3%, Missile Nav Prediction 3% & Missile RoF 3%.

Minmatar standing 6.51 unmodified 5.84
Gallente standing 5.52 unmodified 4.67

Comes with 1,114,403 Tribal Liberation Force LP

Also selling the Command Dessie for running FW lvl 4’s :slight_smile: WTS - 10.7m SP VNI & Command Destroyer Pilot

All CCP’s rules apply. Positive wallet etc.

Transfer will be by plex, so will take a little longer.

Basically this character along with the other are isk printers, you can use to AFK rat in a VNI or you can run FW level 4 missions.

Has maxed Security Connections for maximum LP.

Price is 10b

Confirming, i am for sale.

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8 B/O, Isk Ready.

No response from original poster. offer retracted.

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