WTS 123M SP Nyx / Titan ready / Farm toon

Selling myself.

Actual SP is 123,562,000
Located in Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet
Assets value 1.5 Bil
No kill-rights
Yearly Remap 1
Bonus Remaps 2


Fighters / Heavy Fighters - 5 lvl
Respective drone navigation skills - 5 lvl
Gallente Carrier - 5 lvl
Caldari Dread - 5 lvl
Marauders - 5 lvl
Covert Ops - 5 lvl

All Titans ready - just buy a book
All Titans gunnery / missiles ready - just buy a book

Starting bid 90b
New Buyout 128b (previously 115b)

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100 bil here

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Bid noted thanks

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Bump with updates and new lowered BO

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102 bil

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Bid noted ty

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AFUFO - thanks for the bump.
you gonna get banned soon btw for 30+ similar posts in just 1 hr on stolen chars here

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Good Char!

The auction ends at March 21, 9PM CET

By far the winner is Maizie Fields with the bid of 102 bil.

Toon is PvP / Farm focused, no wasted skills like processing, production etc.

Anyone else is interested ?

Maizie Fields bid accepted.
Please contact to initiate the transfer

Unfortunately, current market conditions are such that I must reduce my bid to 94 billion.

95Bil isk ready

I’ll meet the previous accepted bid of 102 billion.


105 billion :))

Offer will remain valid for another 11 hours.

106bil Bidding on a couple of toons so first one to accept gets the isk

My offer is no longer valid.

115 Billion ISK 48 hour only 5:23 PM Mountain Time