WTS 125M Super Pilot, Future Titan Pilot

Future Titan Ready.
Almost perfect armor skills
Great drone skills
Capital Hybrid Turret V
Capital Energy Turret V
DoomsDay Weapon IV

Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights

Jump Clones in Delve, Low and Highsec
Currently in 1DQ

Remap Available

Starting Bid: 70 Bil
B/O: 95 Bil

89b Offer

90b. Isk ready.

91b Offer

Thanks for the bids! Keep them coming. Looking to close Monday Oct 12.


In Game Offer 92b

92b in game offer accepted. Awaiting isk

92b isk sent. And account name sent in game.

ISK Received, Character transferred

I got a pilot. Thanks for the deal.

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