WTS 126mil sp 2005 Fleet Support pilot , ship builder, rorq/ark amarr cap pilot

WTS excellent all round industrial pilot with fleet support skills…


Positive wallet
No killrights
1x Junp clone :-
D5IW-F VIII - Moon 2 - Chemal Tech Factory

Memory Augmentation - Standard
Neural Boost - Standard
Ocular Filter - Standard
Cybernetic Subprocessor - Standard

“P4-3TJ IX - Feed my pride”
Neural Boost - Standard
Ocular Filter - Standard

Starting Bid 100bil
serious B/O considered



Hello. I am ready to offer you 105 bil. All that I have… Let me know please if you are interested

Hi Evgen, I can accept your 105bil as a starting bid and a 24hr auction will begin.
Would you be happy to proceed?

Hello. 106 bil bid. I participate in auc

Hi J Jaeu, ok I accept your bid of 106bil auction will end 24 hour’s from this message.
This character sale all CCP rules apply.

Need to post from character for sale.

Ok sorry, the 106bil from J Jaeu is accepted and a 24hr auction has begun,
Highest bid at 14:00 EvE time 12/OCT/2019 will win the auction.
All CCP rules apply on the sale of this character.

Current highest bid is J Jaeu at 106bil, with less than 6hour’s to the end of the auction.

Don’t miss out on this very versatile character!

Auction is now finished.
Congratulations to J Jaeu on winning!

Please Evemail this character in game with the account you would like me to transfer NOBBIE 2 too along with the 106bil isk, and I will start the transfer thankyou.

Ingame email has been sent

Ingame mail has been received.

Money has been sent. Awaiting for the character

Isk has been received thankyou, transfer of character has started.

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