WTS 13.3million SP, Clean Corp History, Level 4 and 5 Mission access


Greetings I am selling myself. A 13.3 million SP pilot. Most of my focus is in drones and missiles. I can fly a wide variety of ships. Some of these ships are the Astero, Worm, Gila, Rattlesnake, Manticore, Buzzard, just to name a few. I have decent support skills so branching out and into a new hull won’t take that long. All I need is a little focus. I would make an outstanding starter pilot for someone.

I have access to all level 4 mission agents with Minmatar, Gallente and Sisters of EVE corporations. I also have Level 5 mission access with Brutor Tribe. This pilot can fly a fully T2 fit Gila for Abyssal space, so you have many options for making ISK!

I have never been in a player corporation. I have no history, and only whatever future you make for me.

Positve Security Status
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
Pilot located in Jita
3 Jump Clones in Jita
JClone +3s, 3% CPU
JClone +4s(no char), 3% CPU
JClone Random 3% shield and Missile
All CCP rules apply

Starting bid: 10bill
Buyout bid: 15bil or highest offer at my discretion

Thanks for your time!


Willing to buy at 15b

I accept your buyout at 15b

Account info sent via evemail. Payment sent to Samael Thukker

ISK and Account received starting transfer

u should tell early…

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