WTS 137 + M SP Perfect Drone Carrier pilot!

Pilot in Hi sec,
positive wallet,
no kill rights,
Drone Master 25.8M SP in Drones generally
Notable ships flown:
Aeon/Archon/Apostle (Amar Carrier 5);
Thanatos/Nyx (Gallente Carrier 5)
Minmatar Carrier 5
Fighters 5, Heavy Fighters 5, Support F 5,
Rorqual (Capital Industrial Ships 5)
Redeemer (Black Ops 5)
Gaurdian/Basilisk (Logistic 5)
Tengu / Legion Subsystems 5
Devoter/Onyx (HIC 5)
Anathema (Cov Ops 5, all scanning skills 5)
All Battlecruisers 5
Transport Ships 5 (Amarr and Minmatar)
Exhumers 5
+5 implant set

Sale price is 125b isk,

75 bil

80B buyout

Mail Sent

you extractors !! I dont have a char for you,
this is sale not an auction, and the price is clear,

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85B isk

silence all around,

85b now

Would you consider 100b?