WTS 138 + M SP Perfect Drone Carrier pilot!

Pilot in Hi sec,
positive wallet,
no kill rights,
Drone Master 25.8M SP in Drones generally
Notable ships flown:
Aeon/Archon/Apostle (Amar Carrier 5);
Thanatos/Nyx (Gallente Carrier 5)
Minmatar Carrier 5
Fighters 5, Heavy Fighters 5, Support F 5,
Rorqual (Capital Industrial Ships 5)
Redeemer (Black Ops 5)
Gaurdian/Basilisk (Logistic 5)
Tengu / Legion Subsystems 5
Devoter/Onyx (HIC 5)
Anathema (Cov Ops 5, all scanning skills 5)
All Battlecruisers 5
Transport Ships 5 (Amarr and Minmatar)
Exhumers 5
+5 implant set

Sale price is 125b isk,

75 bil

80B buyout

Mail Sent

you extractors !! I dont have a char for you,
this is sale not an auction, and the price is clear,

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85B isk

silence all around,

85b now

Would you consider 100b?


bump up the jam

125b isk offer

you may send isk and acc name ty,

Been a bit since i last bought one, just to Umi Zotra correct? Account name will be Sondye

account name will be S…e, ok isk received transfer will be on the way soon,


umi is on the way 10 hours later you may fly, ty and good luck…

ty much

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