WTS 14.5M SP - Mining Alt

Chokmah Aivoras’s Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Wallet balance: positive

Kills rights: none

Jumps clones: none

Char info:

  • Location: High sec - Metropolis - Station
  • 1 remap + 2 bonus available
  • sec status 0.1
    Will take 12b with transfer fee
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7 bil

10b bo

can do 12b

i can give 6b (because your minning skills not very well)

Still available if you want him

Willing to do 12 if that works for you

Yes Sir, You can commence the transaction and once isk is verified I will transfer following.

isk and info sent

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Isk have been recieved and 10hr wait has started

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