WTS 14 mil sp Vedmak/Leshak Pilot


14 mil sp
Good gunnery/armour supports
T2 med and large guns

8 bil

Hey, thanks for the offer, can you do 12 bil?

9b b/o

@Spicey_McNicey check the eveskill link…char got riped

You are advertising it for 14m SP…
When its clearly ripped and st 5m SP
Scamming on forums is a bannable offence contra ingame where its allowed.
Post have been flagged


Hello! I’m going to post the following rule here for everyone to see:

The sell post must reflect the character correctly, posting that the character you’re selling has more skillpoints or ISK than it actually constitutes an attempt at character sales scamming.

As a reminder, scamming on Character Bazaar is a bannable offence. I do not recommend it. As such, I’m going to close this thread. You may relist your character for sale once all character bazaar rules and conditions are met. Thank you.

Also as an aside, if you’re going to ping anyone on the forums regarding attempts at scams, I recommend anyone in CCL or ISD Buldath. Thanks!

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