WTS - 140mil SP focused subcap pvp

Legend pvp player
Date of Birth 2005-12-04
ss 5.0
location Jita
rar skins orthrus https://c2n.me/40yqZGd https://c2n.me/40yr6Uv - and more skins https://c2n.me/40yrlSG https://c2n.me/40yqLu3 https://c2n.me/40yrdQQ
Genolution ‘Auroral’ AU-79
10 imp clons hi or mid grade


Starting bids from 130b
Buyout - 200b

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Bamp ))

No, I am the owner of the ego since 2005)) I can even give you a YouTube channel with a player))

ignore mulux he posts that alot. check his activity… he should be banned imo… just useless spamming. (i reported his postings)

Bump ))

How long are you letting the bid for?

Week 1

Offer no longer valid

130 Billion ISK right here. 48 hour offer only.

end on monday

K hopefully someone will give me a run for your character

I don’t have the ability to drain it simply at the moment! I can only on Monday!

Bamp ))

132 bill

24h end

end!! Send isk and acc name

On my way home will send isk in 30 mins

Isk sent and Account name sent in in-game mail
Awaiting toon transfer

1h and start transfer

Oki Ill be waiting :slight_smile: