WTS 15 M SP Rorqual Pilot

Tech 2 siege, Lvl 4 PANIC, Excavs etc

Selling for 12 B, will be soon in JITA for transfer. PM In game for more infos on character skils & etc

please make an eveskillboard after which i may purchase the char https://eveskillboard.com/

12 B B/O I will send ISK in a couple hours when I get home

13B but please make a skillboard

14B from me

15bn if you post a skillboard

15.5Bn pls

lol do you have bottomless pockets or are you gonna retract once you have 1 or 2 bought?

16bn with skillboard

Sorry, I wasnt online for a few days, will post the eve skillboard in 15hours, character will be in Jita.


18 bil B/O

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