[WTS] 150m sp | Early 2003 Character | 07 - 15

(Gian Bal) #1

:fast_forward: Skills :rewind:

Gian’s Killboard

DOB: 2003 - 07/15

Current SP: 150M

This character is one of the oldest ones currently still active, though he isn’t worth a great deal in extracted SP, older players will understand the value of this character as he is one of a kind - These characters are very unique and there will always only be a very small number of them, now is your chance to own one of them.

Gians position on the EVE monument in Iceland: Row 9, Column 7, Line 82
Search here: https://www.eveonline.com/es/monument

Skillpoint Overview
:bangbang: Armor - 4.6 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Drones - 13.3 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Electronics - 9.6 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Engineering - 6.8 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Fleet Support - 3.5 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Gunnery - 21.5 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Missiles - 11.6 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Navigation - 8.3 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Rigging - 1.6 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Scanning - 1.8 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Shields - 6 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Spaceships - 48 Million SP :bangbang:

Genolution Pod + Mid-grade Asklepian Pod

1 Available Remap - Sec Status fixed upon sale - Positive Wallet - Clones moved to station of choice upon sale - Can move to any station upon sale

Offers for this character should be posted here.
In no rush to sell Gian, only serious offers will be considered.

Starting bid - 100Bil
Buyout - Hidden

Do yourself a favour and buy a piece of permanent eve history.

(Jon Jones orz) #2


(Absolute Truth) #3

110b offered

(Emperor God Trump) #4

Two t2 fit tormentors and a hug

(IntimidatorW) #5

He saw morvinn flip a toon for 500 bil, and wants to be “mini morvinn”

(Emperor God Trump) #6

More like “double mrovinn” This account will sale for at least 1tril. Trust me im a genius.

(Abraham Hark) #7

Hey Mini Morvinn, I know readings hard bit C4rlito was born 2003-5-6 that’s before this toon. Just an fyi buddy :wink:

(Morvinn) #8

Hi there,

Who’s a good mini me?? Yes you are! Very nice character.

Also you need to put your character in an NPC corp to sell on the bazaar sir. @Gian_Bal

Gl with sale

(Gian Bal) #9

<3 you morvinn, I got this rad 2003 toon to sell if you’re interested - Heard you just came into some isk :stuck_out_tongue:

(Lyro Chastot) #10

Tree fiddy

(Gian Bal) #13

Not relevant to sale, please stop posting.

(Abraham Hark) #14

Still can’t sell him at the moment Mini Morvinn needs to be in an NPC corp. This is relevant to sale as you can’t sell Gian

(Gian Bal) #15

As has already been established, no need to repeat it. Please keep future posts to only offers.

(Ted Hankey) #16

This post should be deleted, you are breaking the character bazaar rules not being in an npc corp.

(ISD Dorrim Barstorlode) #17

(ISD Dorrim Barstorlode) #18

As you are not in an npc corp, I am closing this thread. You may repost your thread when you are in an npc corp. Thank you.