[WTS] 150m sp | Early 2003 Character | 07 - 15

:fast_forward: Skills :rewind:

Gian’s Killboard

DOB: 2003 - 07/15

Current SP: 150M

This character is one of the oldest ones currently still active, though he isn’t worth a great deal in extracted SP, older players will understand the value of this character as he is one of a kind - These characters are very unique and there will always only be a very small number of them, now is your chance to own one of them.

Gians position on the EVE monument in Iceland: Row 9, Column 7, Line 82
Search here: https://www.eveonline.com/es/monument

Skillpoint Overview
:bangbang: Armor - 4.6 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Drones - 13.3 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Electronics - 9.6 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Engineering - 6.8 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Fleet Support - 3.5 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Gunnery - 21.5 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Missiles - 11.6 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Navigation - 8.3 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Rigging - 1.6 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Scanning - 1.8 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Shields - 6 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Spaceships - 48 Million SP :bangbang:

Genolution Pod + Mid-grade Asklepian Pod

1 Available Remap - Sec Status fixed upon sale - Positive Wallet - Clones moved to station of choice upon sale - Can move to any station upon sale

Offers for this character should be posted here.
In no rush to sell Gian, only serious offers will be considered.

Starting bid - 100Bil
Buyout - Hidden

Do yourself a favour and buy a piece of permanent eve history.



110b offered

Two t2 fit tormentors and a hug

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He saw morvinn flip a toon for 500 bil, and wants to be “mini morvinn”

More like “double mrovinn” This account will sale for at least 1tril. Trust me im a genius.

Hey Mini Morvinn, I know readings hard bit C4rlito was born 2003-5-6 that’s before this toon. Just an fyi buddy :wink:

Hi there,

Who’s a good mini me?? Yes you are! Very nice character.

Also you need to put your character in an NPC corp to sell on the bazaar sir. @Gian_Bal

Gl with sale

<3 you morvinn, I got this rad 2003 toon to sell if you’re interested - Heard you just came into some isk :stuck_out_tongue:

Tree fiddy

Not relevant to sale, please stop posting.

Still can’t sell him at the moment Mini Morvinn needs to be in an NPC corp. This is relevant to sale as you can’t sell Gian

As has already been established, no need to repeat it. Please keep future posts to only offers.

This post should be deleted, you are breaking the character bazaar rules not being in an npc corp.

As you are not in an npc corp, I am closing this thread. You may repost your thread when you are in an npc corp. Thank you.

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