WTS 15M+ SP Amarr Carrier Alt

WTS Myself

Located in Jita 4-4
NPC corp
Total skill points: 15,057,867 Skillpoints
Positive wallet balance
no killrights

Amarr Carrier V
High-grade Amulet Implants

Start: 8 Bil
B/O: 15Bil

10b b/o right now

10.5b offer

11b b/o


13b b/o

13.5 b/o

Didn’t receive ISK. Offer Expired.

14b if money hasn’t yet been sent

Hi. I accept your offer.

Isk and account name sent

ISK received
Transfer started.
If you need any assistance, contact: Asuka Rina. Thanks o7

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wdym i just woke up??

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