WTS 55.8m SP - Amarr Carrier V, Caldari Carrier IV FAX (1m SP unallocated)

Wallet balance: positive

Kills rights: none

Jumps clones: none

Char info:

  • Location: High sec - Perimeter - Station

  • 1 remap + 2 bonus available

  • 1m unallocated SP

  • sec status 0.0

40 B offer

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Will take highest offer on Saturday


That’s just extraction price, can you do better, would transfer for 45

This char does things what it does with those things nobody knows. Ouch Gunnery, Ouch Missile skills!

I’m ok to go with you if you can update offer with the current 50% extractor price campain, price being much lower

I don’t get what u are saying .
Do you accept my 40 b offer ?

I’m saying that 40b was extraction price before the 50% off compain on extractors CCP is running currently.

50m sp extracted = 100 Large skill injectors

10 extractor on the NES store = 700 plex <=> 3.62b
<=> 1 extractor price ~ 0.362b

1 injector sell price = 0.830b (factoring taxes)

value of 100 large skill extractor = 36.2b
value of 100 large skill injector = 83b

Revenu from extracting this toon today = 46.8b

Hence my question about updating your offer as it’s below extraction value.

Would take 50 B/O.

Hope that helps you understand

Ah i see
I will stay at at the 40 B offer

OK, it’s considered null offer for now as I won’t sell below extraction value, for obvious reason.

B/O 50b

Offer 42b

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Can you do 45b?

no sorry… i have forgotten a little that i bed on this charakter…

I stay at 42b, when you rejekt my offer i will withdraw my offer… and save my ISK for somthing else.

Extract is more profitable so I’ll pass

32B isk

If I just rejected 42 b… prob won’t do 32 :grin:

35b offer, extractor sale isnt running anymore and extraction price is going up

DO I need to extract it myself and post the resulting money made here to get a 42B-ish offer? :smile_cat:

If you’r doing this smart you got your extractors for much cheaper, will sell over time at the right price, and make closer to 50b.
@League_Audeles No comment.

Edit: but the best outcome would be to use this char, or extract just the superfluous