WTS 15m sp character scanning gas huffer recon pilot

i am for sale https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/SmA5h3d
starting bid 10b
buyout 12b ono

up we go

offering 9b

10b offer

if no more bids in 24 hrs i will end sale and Xylith Amatin will win

xylith Amatin you are winner
i await isks and and account info to transfer

I apologize, needs and funds have changed in the last couple of days. I’m retracting my bid.

still for sale

8.5 bill isk waiting

this one still stands

10b and this will sell

still for sale

still for sale


I offer 9.5B

ok jax desmond send isks and account info for character trade


isks recieved and transfer in progress 10hr cooldown timer
enjoy your new character

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