WTS 15m SP Tengu scanner

(Mad Vemane) #1


Looking to sell this toon
All rules and ■■■■

Next to perfect tengu scanner, with prereq for covops and 2 frigs ready. Also Ceptor ready
Has 2 pods (one scanning 6 through 10 and one missiles 6 through 10) and remap + 2 bonus available

13b starting bid

(FruFru Ikkala) #2


(NAVO ST) #3


(Gattanera) #4

10.5 bil

(NAVO ST) #5

11 b …

(Mad Vemane) #6

thanks for the bumps

(NAVO ST) #7

13b. Do you accept this offer?

(Mad Vemane) #8

will let it up for a few days see if anything else shows up, if not will be yours!

(screaming beaver) #9

No reason to rush.
13b is too looooow. Just w8.
15-16b is normal price for that one

(Mad Vemane) #10


(Mad Vemane) #11


(Alkene Rash) #12


(Mad Vemane) #13

I dont even see you bidded :shrug:

Daily bump, willing to do 15b B/o

(Mad Vemane) #14


(Mad Vemane) #15


(Mad Vemane) #16


(Orna Aubaris) #17

I can do 14B
You said it has a missile clone…but there are no missile skills :wink:

If you accept, let me know asap, i have some more bids here and there.
If you do not reply by 22:00 Eve Time this offer is not valid anymore, and i wish you good luck with the sale


(Mad Vemane) #18

yea missile clone isin’t super useful tbf :stuck_out_tongue:

Would do 14.5b if you want

Also bump

(Mad Vemane) #19

bump .

(Mad Vemane) #20

still interested in 13b?