WTS 15msp Drone and ECM pilot Dominix, Gila, Worm, Nyx Starter

(Kraken Black) #1


  • Good name
  • Decent K/B
  • Mid Grade Slave clone
  • Mid Grade Ascendancy clone
  • Headhunter Dominix Skin (sell orders are 4.3b in jita atm)
  • no killrights, pos wallet, in jita

Thank You,

(Narha Cesaille) #2

7.5 bill

(Nihil Max) #3

8b bid

(Gattanera) #4

9 bil

(Raynor Aileron) #5

10b isk ready

(Aelshyrra) #6

10,5 b

(Narha Cesaille) #7

i have 2 transfers going on atm. I will get it asap as the transfers are done

(Raynor Aileron) #8

So you bid on your own toon?

(Narha Cesaille) #9

no i sold 1 and bought 1, and getting this 1 aswell

(Raynor Aileron) #10

Interesting as the owner has said nothing of the sort

(Andrew Flintoff) #11


(Aelshyrra) #12

who is selling the char now?
and what is the last auction bid now?

(Kraken Black) #13

Narnha is trying to be tricky, we have no deal worked out currently

High bid is 10.5
This char is still for sale

(Raynor Aileron) #14

When is this ending

(Aelshyrra) #15

to strange for me. I´m out.

(Kraken Black) #16

umm, about 24 hours run time or a buyout offer

(Asanari Shikoken) #17


(system) #18

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