WTS 15msp Drone and ECM pilot Dominix, Gila, Worm, Nyx Starter


  • Good name
  • Decent K/B
  • Mid Grade Slave clone
  • Mid Grade Ascendancy clone
  • Headhunter Dominix Skin (sell orders are 4.3b in jita atm)
  • no killrights, pos wallet, in jita

Thank You,

7.5 bill

8b bid

9 bil

10b isk ready

10,5 b

i have 2 transfers going on atm. I will get it asap as the transfers are done

So you bid on your own toon?

no i sold 1 and bought 1, and getting this 1 aswell

Interesting as the owner has said nothing of the sort


who is selling the char now?
and what is the last auction bid now?

Narnha is trying to be tricky, we have no deal worked out currently

High bid is 10.5
This char is still for sale

When is this ending

to strange for me. I´m out.

umm, about 24 hours run time or a buyout offer


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