WTS 160+mil PVP/PVE pilot

WTS 160+mil PVP/PVE pilot

Ling CeaPuk
pass: 123123123

No kill rights
Positive wallet
5.0 standings
1 jump clone in Jita
3 remaps available
100k unalocated skill points
Epic ark for Amarr and Caldari
Lvl 4 missions for Amarr and Caldari multiple corporations

125 billion starting bid
145 billion B/O

serious offer, 120 bil

Thx for the offer but it’s under the starting bid and i will take it into consideration if there are no better offers received.

Daily bump

Friendly bump

Bump :slight_smile:

Daily bump

Daily bump

121bil ready

Thank you for the offer but still under the starting bid.

140 bil BO offer. Please let me know.

Buy offer accepted. Waiting for the money.

Isks and info have been sent. Awaiting for the character.

Money received. Transfer done


Thank you and enjoy! :slight_smile:

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