WTS 16m sp Jump Freighter Pilot

(Laura Humphrey) #1


Jump Drive Calibration lvl 5
Jump Fuel Conservation lvl 5
Jump Freighters lvl 5

Perception 31
Memory 21
Willpower 25
Intellligence 21
Charisma 17

Full standard implant set and 1 neural remap rdy.

Start bid 13bil

B/O 16bil

(Alleyne) #2

9 bil

(Arc Hammer) #3

11b right here

(Katanis Paaltomo) #4

13B Offer

(Laura Humphrey) #5

Almost there

(Ala MAKOTA) #6

16B B/O

(Laura Humphrey) #7

k fine for me

(Ala MAKOTA) #8

ISK and account details sent.

(Laura Humphrey) #9

SOLD to ALA Makota and in transfer.
Consider this CLOSED topic.