WTS 17.2m SP Revelation Pilot (+5 Implants)

Looking to sell this toon, he’s skilled for a buffer revelation fit, and has frig 5, laser 5, drones 5 incase you’d like to put an AF or inty in the hold for when your dred pops =).

Starting Bid: 19b

+5 Implant set
Dread/cap skills purchased and trained

Positive Isk balance
No Kill Rights
Located in Jita IV currently

PS: Name is a reference to Will Ferrel’s character in the comedy movie Casa De Mi Padre


16B offer

18b BO now.

18b is high bid currently. 24 hrs left

Unable to contact 18b bidder in game. Still accepting bids.

retracting bid, bought another pilot this morning.

18.5 bil

18.5 b offer accepted. Awaiting isk, will transfer as soon as its received.

isk and account to transfer were sent to you ,plz start transfer

Transfer Started, Please confirm when you receive the character. Thank you!

character received ,thank you !

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