WTS 171 M SP 2008 Character SOLD


171 M SP
Positive Security Status and wallet.

Start Bid: 130 B
But out 200 B


130 Billion ISK right here

145 bil

Ok 24 hours more and then sold for 145 b

if no higher bids

150 bil

152 bil

155 bil

you have the highest bid Mallgor, ill be back on in 24 hours if your still the highest in 24 hours its yours

157 bil

I have to finish this auction before going on holidays so final 24 hrs, get your bids in now. Zazzel Blackthorn has the top bid and will win in 24 hrs

SOLD Buddy

ISK and account info sent via in-game mail. Please let me know when the transfer has begun.

Going to report this sale as a scam if the transfer is not started/confirmed.

starting very soon just about home

Ok thanks for the update

Transfer email recieved, thanks!

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