WTS 179mio sp pilot

psw: hest
Character in Jita
In NPC corp
Positive wallet
No kill rights
1 free remaps

+1.52 Security Status

B/O: 165b
Bidding starts at: 155b

7 day auction!
End date: Sunday August 13th 12:00 evetime

I will receive the ISK and pay the transfer fee in accordance with CCP rules.

i can start you off under your starting bid with an offer of 135billion (its alot of isk):heart_eyes:

Thanks for opening at a more approachable level. I’ll bid 140 billion ;=)

Thinking of selling? We’re currently buying characters, please contact me for an offer.

highst bid right now is 140.

maizie ya old witch , 5bill increase grr

i offer 141billion (smashes piggy bank) :joy:

Aw, Pottie, I’m just trying to get Q.P. a halfway decent bid… ;=)

daily bump

daily bump

Guys this toon is well worth 165 billion isk. Let the bids continue.

Free bump to you Quan Ping :slight_smile:


142 bill

Bidding starts at: 155b not selling lower

Plz close