Sold plz delete

(Quan Ping) #1

Quan Ping
psw: hest
Character in Jita
In NPC corp
Positive wallet
No kill rights
1 free remaps
Anshar and Rocqual pilot
Can fly gallente, minmatar, amarr carrier, and gallente minmatar dread
Implants +5
+1.52 Security Status

B/O: 160b
Bidding starts at: 145b

7 day auction!
End date: Sunday Sep 10th 12:00 evetime

I will receive the ISK and pay the transfer fee in accordance with CCP rules.

(TxivYawg1) #2


(Gattanera) #3

140 bil

(TxivYawg1) #4


(Maizie Fields) #5

147.5 b

(TxivYawg1) #6


(Maizie Fields) #7

150 b

(Quan Ping) #8

daily bump

(Gattanera) #9

151 bil

(Quan Ping) #10

daily bump

(Kaali Hurunen) #11

152 bil

(Quan Ping) #12

daily bump

(Quan Ping) #13

daily bump

(Quan Ping) #14


(Quan Ping) #15

last bump, one day back highst bid 152 bil

(Gattanera) #16

152.5 bil

(Quan Ping) #17

Action over. Sold til Gattanera for 152,5 bil.

Send isk to me and i will transfor.

(Kaali Hurunen) #18

Really?? I guess having a life and eve doesent work well.

Still willing to go higher if you are interested.

153 and I can transfer right now

(Kate Limelight) #19

was a good price?

(Gattanera) #20

ISK and acc details sent already