WTS 17m SP Excellent Core Shield/Gunnery Toon

(Lil Dicky) #1


Over 9m SP in gunnery - supporting gunnery skills all V.

Looking for a quick sale, as I haven’t used this toon in ages. Has a great name!

Located in high sec.
In NPC corp.

Ready to be transferred!

(Lil Dicky) #2

Bumpity bump for a great name and solid core gunnery skills!

(Blobert Jenerik) #3

9.5 bil

(Lil Dicky) #4

Bumpity bump, thanks for the bid!

(Blobert Jenerik) #5

10.5 b/o

(Lil Dicky) #6

BO accepted.

(Blobert Jenerik) #7

isk and account name sent

(Lil Dicky) #8

ISK received, transfer initiated.

Character Name: Lil Dicky

Will be completed after: 8/18/2017 6:03:18 AM