[WTS] 18.5m sp pvp starter

i am for sale https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Stephanie_Smithers
i am in an npc corp
located in highsec space
positive wallet.
no kill rights
0.0 sec status
no implants
no jump clones
starting bid 15b buyout 18b please no low balling
i will pay transfer fee
all ccp rules apply

If you had Armor or Shield skills trained as well this would be a great character to buy. But alas.

please refrain from “critiquing” the character unless you are making an offer. shield skills are cheap and fast to train. the gunnery skills are on the ball as well as most of the nav skills and core capactior skills thanks!

Critiquing is not against rules so I shall do as I desire. Thanks!

12bil offer

i didn’t say it was… just i dont like the clutter thanks!

ill accept your offer please reply with the name of the account to transfer to and send the isk to stephanie when your online and get this process rollin!

On this forum thread could you please provide the name of the account that you would like me to send the toon to. Thanks i also sent a reply in game from your message you sent earlier.

I highly suggest you do not post the account name here on the forums, and rather instead evemail it to the character in game after you send them the isk. That is normal procedure and protects your account name from shifty eyes here.

I hope you have 2 factor auth enabled

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sold to balor sorry dart you were a tad bit late with the offer of 14b i had already discussed the agreement with balor isk received and trasfer has started

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