WTS - SP 106 + Sub-Cap Focused PVP

(Stephanie Barclay) #1


I’m looking for a new owner (DOB 30.09.2012)


119 skills at lvl 5 all focused towards PVP Combat

Great Gunnery and Drone Skills

Located in High Sec - Positive Wallet - No Kill Rights - NPC Corps - Security Status +5

Additional Bonus Skills in Mining as well as passive PI capabilities


Will consider offers over 83 bil

Good Luck!

(FrostyJack) #2


(Stephanie Barclay) #3


(Stephanie Barclay) #4

Up to the top…

(Stephanie Barclay) #5

Bumpy bumps

(Maizie Fields) #6

80 bil

(Stephanie Barclay) #7

Getting close…

Up we goes…

(Stephanie Barclay) #8

Looking to sell soon and willing to let Miss Barclay go for 84 bil!!!

(Maizie Fields) #9

I’ll meet you in the middle at 82 bil if you’d like to get this on the books! ;=)

(Stephanie Barclay) #10

83 bil and she’s yours?

(Maizie Fields) #11

You drive a hard bargain!

I’ll go 82.5 billion, and I can have it in your wallet within 60 seconds of acceptance.

(Stephanie Barclay) #12

Offer of 82.5 bill accepted. Transfer isk and l can initiate character transfer immediately.

(Maizie Fields) #13

ISK sent. Mailing account info now!

(Stephanie Barclay) #14

Character Transfer Initiated.

Pleasure doing business with you Maizie.

(Maizie Fields) #15

Thanks, Stephanie, transfer confirmed by CCP. It’s been a pleasure to do business with you as well :=)