WTS - SP 106 + Sub-Cap Focused PVP


I’m looking for a new owner (DOB 30.09.2012)


119 skills at lvl 5 all focused towards PVP Combat

Great Gunnery and Drone Skills

Located in High Sec - Positive Wallet - No Kill Rights - NPC Corps - Security Status +5

Additional Bonus Skills in Mining as well as passive PI capabilities


Will consider offers over 83 bil

Good Luck!



Up to the top…

Bumpy bumps

80 bil

Getting close…

Up we goes…

Looking to sell soon and willing to let Miss Barclay go for 84 bil!!!

I’ll meet you in the middle at 82 bil if you’d like to get this on the books! ;=)

83 bil and she’s yours?

You drive a hard bargain!

I’ll go 82.5 billion, and I can have it in your wallet within 60 seconds of acceptance.

Offer of 82.5 bill accepted. Transfer isk and l can initiate character transfer immediately.

ISK sent. Mailing account info now!

Character Transfer Initiated.

Pleasure doing business with you Maizie.

Thanks, Stephanie, transfer confirmed by CCP. It’s been a pleasure to do business with you as well :=)