WTS 18.7M MultiUse Alt

I pay transfer fee to CCP

*ISK will be 1 mil left on this toon.
*3 Jump Clone.
*No Kill Right.
*Character is in NPC corp.
*Character is in High Sec Jita.
*Character is in Security Status -0.2.



18.7M SP
Pos Gunner Skills Lvl 4 / Anchoring 5
Caldary Freighter Lvl 4
Transpost Ships Lvl 4
Exhumers on Lvl 5
PI 4 on Lvl 4
Some Basic PVP Skills

Make your Offers

16b isk ready


i accept your offer of 16B Isk. Transfer will be started after your ISK has been arrived. Ingame Mail is on its way

Thank you, ill be ready to transfer isk tomorrow. I am in the mountains. Thanks

16B, ISK in the hand, available for immediate trading

We have already reached an aggreement.

Isk sent.
Email sent.

ISK Received and Transfer started. Thank you

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