WTS : 18.7 mil SP || Cov ops, Transport ships, Scanning – Support Character

This character was created in 2009 and is skilled in the following ships and disciplines:
Covert ops, Transport Ships, Scanning, salvaging with moderate gunnery skills.

Security Status: 3.16 with no kill rights.
DOB: 4th Jan 2009

Character will come with no assets, positive balance and be located in High sec Empire space (Amarr) in a NPC Corporation.


Starting Bid: 13B
Buyout: 15B

ISK to me and I will pay transfer fee.

Thanks for your interest/consideration.

Still for sale!
Start price lowered.

I would of bought this if it wasn’t for the name. It’s just a bit too extreme for me.

Still for sale

14b :slight_smile:

If 14b is the highest bid by 10 am GMT Sat 23/06/18 I will accept thanks.


I accept Cor’El Dahken bid of 14.1 billion isk, please send paymnet and account name so I can start the character transfer.


Bid Accepted.

At work at the moment, will send when I get home.

isk and account name sent

ISK and account name received - character transfer initiated at 14:18 GMT.


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