WTS 18.9M sp Moros pilot

nothing else to say. just check the link

14B B/O

9b /5char


10.5B offer


there’s plenty more you could say… as in following the rules and posting the relevant information that is missing…

14 bil b/o

well. as a friendly reply.
I’d like to explain that char is more popular in WH.
so you can see some replyer is WH corp member.
in WH rules, we just want the pilot, the dreadnoughts is already in hole. the assets or standings and so on dosen’t matter.

deal accepted.
send me your accout name in game mail.
i will start the transfer process once you send me ISK.

I was referring to the rules when selling a character. Location, wallet, kill rights etc. All have to be shown regardless if it’s a wormhole or nullbear

hi. are you still bidding?

I think it’s just a joker

People are less likely to bid on char if you don’t follow the rules. Is it too much effort to read a sticky and post the required info, regardless of if you think this char will make its home in a WH.

Char has to be in highsec which judging by your responses it is not

I offer 14b b/o isk and account info sent.

deal accepted .
let me start when I work back home

hi there,
ISK reccepted.
and char trasfer has started.
thank you!

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