WTS 187M SP PvP/PvE 2005 Year

(Eat This) #1

All data regarding skills - http://eveboard.com/pilot/Eat_This

  • Date of Birth - 2005
  • Almost clear KB
  • He has open trades on market for 10b ( as a bonus )
  • A lot of Jump Clones with Implant Sets
  • Positive wallet, stats and e.t.c
  • All CCP rules applied
  • 2 Remaps available

Starting price - 150b
B/O - 170b

(Sherley Gao) #2

160bil B/O

(Eat This) #3

Accapted. Waiting for ISK

(Eat This) #4

Isk received.

(Sherley Gao) #6

Account Info and ISK already sent to Eat This

Please send char asap

Thank you!

(Eat This) #7

Transfer was initiated. Good luck

(Sherley Gao) #8

done ! thank you

(system) #9

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