WTS 18m SP Dedicated SIN BRIDGE Alt

hi im for sale

im in hisec no killrights etc


aside from the excellent name
i have the following highlights:

t2 light drones
evasive maneuvering 5
cyno 5
capacitor management 5
cybernetics 5
gallente bs 5
blops bs 4



no more drops?
11.2 b offer

thanks for your bid!

Offer 14b

15b offered

thank you for your bids! i was hoping for a 16b b/o, if either of you are willing

I’ll take for 16b

offer accepted, please send isk to this character and an eve mail to this character in game with the account you’d like to be transferred to.

Mail and ISK sent to pls cloak btw

received, starting transfer

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