WTS 19.7 mil SP Proteus/Buzzard/Eris Hunting/Scanning alt

Has 19.7 mil SP

positive wallet, docked in npc space


cyno 5
Gal Cruiser 5
Covert Ops 5
Recon 5
All scanning skills 5
Caldari Frigate 5
Eris pilot

Great for anyone wanting a nice utility alt for hunting or content generation

Asking 16 bil, open to offers.

Please fix your skillboard, its set to private


Bump - still for sale, make some of offers

9b bo

Wiling to do 10B?

I can do the 10b , do you want me to transfer the isk ?

sure, evemail the username

Just sent in-game mail. Confirm and transfer starts !

Isk and account name sent. Awaiting transfer initiation.

Transfer Should be initiated

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I can’t see something yet, no msg rcved either, I guess its taking its time. Will confirm when character is rcved. Do you have an ETA ?

approx 10 hours from that message I believe it should be done transferring

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Ok great, thank you mate !

Character Rcved, all in gd order. thanks mate !

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