WTS 195m SP Dread / Carrier / Blops Focussed Character [SOLD]

Linda Fuzz Ronukens Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App
Maxed SP for Amarr / Minmatar / Galentte Dread / Carrier - not long train for Caldari.

Currently sitting in full HG Slave set.

Linda Fuzz Ronuken | Character | zKillboard positive killboard and recruitment history.

Looking for 150b - I will pay character transfer.

Wallet Balance - 1isk
Kill Rights - None
Jump Clones - Low Sec
Char Location - Adirain

Bump now Re-Opened.

Bump. Linda is a strong character. Would be nice to see her go to good use again.

150B Offer!

Offer accepted. Mail sent in game also to that accord. Once I receive the ISK I will begin the character transfer.

Isk and Account name sent.

Confirm ISK received thanks, have paid fee and can confirm the transfer has begun.

Character received