SOLD - 59 Mill SP Character

specialpleb skills

Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status
Located in High Sec
No Kill Rights
No Assets
Available Remaps 2
In NPC Corp (skillboard.eveesi needs to update itself though)

Starting Bid 35B

When I see a number I like I will accept :slight_smile:

36.5 bil, first and final offer

37bil offer

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@Linda_Fuzz_Ronuken I will accept your offer :slight_smile: as Tanga hasnt responded

Please transfer isk and send ingame mail with account to transfer to. I will transfer as soon as the service is back up and running.

ISK and Account Details for Transfer Sent in game

Transfer may not be possible yet, due to upgrades to system

What exactly are these updates? They’ve been going on for several days now. Even Skynet took less time.

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@Linda_Fuzz_Ronuken isk and ingame mail received, thank you.

Will initiate transfer as soon as CCP have sorted whatever it is they are trying to fix tldr :rofl:


@Linda_Fuzz_Ronuken transfer initiated to account specified ingame, thanks

“Will be completed after 10/19/2022 3:03:01 AM”

Will keep updated and post once character is received!

Character has been received

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