WTS 19m miner / manufacturer / tengu


Im for sale:

Colonel Midnight

Can run exhumers, orca, porpoise with t2 mining drones, can run a tengu with heavy missiles for missions or escalations. Char wallet is green, no negative rep, in hi sec, awesome name :slight_smile:

Make a good offer and Ill consider it. No duration of sale. If I see a decent offer, Ill sell the char.


how about 10b?

11 bil

a bit low, but thanks nonetheless. :slight_smile:

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ill give u 11/2 the pilot needs some serious work you have tengu orca porp. and horrible shield skills… idk why u have all those ships trained and ur shields look like that but 11.2 bil

There are many chars you can buy with solid shield skills :slight_smile: Thanks for free bump

how about 12 bil, thats what i can afford

damn… this pilot would be great if the core skills were trained…no armor no engineering no shields… and you have all these shield boats yet yous skills in shields are low like hail said… i offer 12.1 bil

bump up, 1st one to offer 14b gets me… :slight_smile:

up …

daily bump

I’m 13b. It’s the highest. You can think about it

13.5billbid retracted

14b is still a good price :slight_smile: daily bump

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clr, new offer

14.5b offer

offer retracted