WTS >1m SP born 2007 CLEAN 3 REMAPS SOLD

Looking to drop this toon for right price. Not sure if something like this is worth anything.

Born on 2007. No corps, no kills, no losses, no implants, etc.

No isk, located in highsec, no kill rights. Any items on character come with character.

3 bonus remaps.

Check her out. http://eveboard.com/pilot/Saul_Cross


2.5b offer ?

Confirmed 2.5b Send isk and account name in game. I’ll reload the post information.

Isk sent and in-game mail sent for acct info/

I just sold another character on this account. Apparently I can’t send Saul Cross until that one completes which is estimated for 12 hours from now. Would you like a refund or wait?

I can wait, no hurry,

Thanks. I will do it first thing in the morning or if I see the service opens up sooner.
I’ll update this forum as soon as I initiate the transfer.

Cheers mate.

I have submitted the transfer request. Please confirm.

Yes, confirmed. I just got the email from CCP.

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