WTS 2 pvp toons ! NYx toon pvp hawk pilot and nag pilot :)!

WTS some of my toons but would like to know what price I am looking at hre they are


nyx/aeon toon - HG slaves
700k unallocated sp
in jita

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/The_Protagonist small caldari pvp pilot brilliant fun in the hawk - HG crystals and snakes
in lowsec

all CCP rules apply

located in lowsec ( Donald in jita)

I confirm I am for sale

confirm I am for sale

confirm I am for sale

40b for donald gump
24b for Wraegar

bid noted bit low as a 39m sp nyx toon just sold for 40b to the top

ok 42 then


27b for Wraegar

acceptedsend isk and account info

Isk and account name sent!

48b for donald_gump

character sent bud you should receive a confirmation thanks o/

29b for The_Protagonist

Agreed to buy subject to terms specified in-game

accepted account name and isk to appropriate characters please

isk and account info sent

protag sent Donald will be as agreed in the morning isk received btw

CCP mail received for Protagonist, will be waiting for Donald tomorrow. Thanks!

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